Combining the wisdom of Eastern and Western health care techniques, Dr. Leslie Feinberg created NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). The Feinberg Technique has demonstrated that nearly any illness can be improved and often completely resolved by the application of NMT treatment protocols. By correcting faults in the body’s regulatory systems NMT restores the body’s innate capacity to heal – the only path the body has to healing and wellness.

Through chemical, physical, emotional stress and heredity, the computer system that runs the body can acquire “bugs.” These bugs cause dis-ease which eventually lead to a breakdown in the body. NMT is a very powerful system of gently reprogramming the body to correct these “bugs” to allow the body to regain appropriate awareness of its surroundings, thus being able to heal itself.

How does NMT work? It’s like what happens when you are eating with someone and they consciously point out that you have some food on your face. Until you are aware, you did nothing to correct the problem. Their showing you the problem, is enough for you to make the correction. NMT is similar. The NMT practitioner clearly shows the autonomic (automatic) control system (ACS) of the body, or the other-than-conscious mind that there is a problem and the ACS is eager to make the correction bringing the body back to a state of self healing.

If, for example, an individual acquires an infectious agent (IA) like a virus but the immune system is not fully aware of it, they may get a local irritation since each cell has defenses, but the immune system will not be mobilize to eliminate it. The NMT system merely focuses the immune system’s resources on the IA to kill and eliminate it.

Another example is allergies. Allergies are merely mistakenly tagging something as toxic. By correcting this tagging error, allergies are eliminated.

It is no longer necessary to suffer. Let us show you how NMT can resolve your health challenges.