Practioners: Join From Within Health Center
Individual rooms are immediately available for skilled practitioners in this busy wholistic healing center. Build your own practice in a supportive environment with two chiropractors and other expert healers.

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From Within Health Center grew out of Dr. Rob Koliner’s dream of offering several highly skilled, alternative and complimentary healers from one location. FWHC was designed as a multidisciplinary healing center with the patient/client in mind.

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BioGeometric Integration (BGI) grew out of Network
Chiropractic/Network Spinal Analysis. The best Network practitioner (in my opinion), Dr. Sue Brown, D.C., learn more
  NeuroModulation Technique.
Combining the wisdom of Eastern and Western health care techniques, Dr. Leslie Feinberg created NeuroModulation Technique (NMT). learn more
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I was recently asked "Doctor, What's wrong with me?" My immediate reply was "there's nothing wrong with you."
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From Within Health Center
210 Little Lake Dr. #8
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-6218
Telephone: 734-761-5908

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