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What’s wrong with me?
I was recently asked "Doctor, What’s wrong with me?" My immediate reply was "there’s nothing wrong with you." The reply was part jest and part sincere. It boils down to the fact that the way "health care" is practiced in the US, we are programmed to think the symptom is the problem. In other words, if a person has a symptom, there must be a problem. Actually, the symptom is merely an indicator that there is something going on, which may or may not be a problem..

While the indicator may be appropriate, the reason for it may or may not be something that needs to be corrected. If for example you are walking and you accidentally bump your toe into an immovable object, the pain signal is an appropriate symptom to tell you to look down and be more careful. If the indicator was not there, which occasionally occurs as part of a disease process, we would have serious problems.

Health Bank Account
Health care is like a bank account that we make deposits to and withdrawals from every moment of our lives. When we eat an organic apple, we make a deposit. When we take a walk, we make a deposit. When we have a chiropractic adjustment, we make a deposit. Alternatively, when we eat a doughnut, we make a withdrawal. When we don’t exercise, another withdrawal. When we watch the local news full of anger, fear and sadness, we make another withdrawal. What is level of your health bank account balance?